The Animated Gif, Gifability

The Animated GIF: The Birth of a Medium

  1.  “It allows a moment to live on and there’s something kind of fascinating about that.”

  2.  I personally love gifs and think that they are very useful and functional in emphasizing a specific point in a movie, scene or whatever, to make a point whether it be for entertainment, fashion or making a statement. There’s so many possibilities with gifs and it’s so widely available, anyone can make them and there’s so many new platforms to share them on like tumblr and reddit that they kind of just exploded within the last few years.
  3. Would the gif violate copyright laws? If they’re just taking a clip of someone else’s work wouldn’t that be the same as taking someone’s picture and calling it your own?


  1. “An ocean of viral videos turned into a self-serving visual language, looping back on itself ad-infinitum.” Quote Souce

  2.  It was really hard to focus on this article because the looping GIFs were very distracting but the article gave a good insight into what the people, who make the original work that the GIFs capture, think about the whole fad. I think it was interesting that they acknowledged the fact that even thought people are taking someone’s work and recreating it, it give it a new meaning.
  3. One of the lines: “in a situation, wardrobe-wise, that I know is going to end up as an animated GIF file!” got me interested, do people actually think about what would look good as a GIF while they’re making their works? Has it become such a thing that producers are actually taking into account what a certain frame would look like as a GIF?

Side Note: Floating Cat Gif (Not Mine)


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